The Seller's Guide

(the 3 secrets you need to know to get your property sold, regardless of the property type)

The 3 Secrets are 3 mandatory conditions that get your property sold, regardless of the property type. Doesn't matter if it's a villa, townhouse or apartment.

If one of those 3 conditions isn’t met, there is no sell.      

So, to successfully sell your property, you have to properly manage the following three essential aspects:


1. Preparing the Property

2. Setting the Asking Price

3. Finding the Buyer





 Determining the ultimate element that makes the difference and guarantees that your property gets SOLD at the Best Price, in the Shortest Time with No Stress

1. Preparing the property

First thing that has to be done when you want to sell your property is the preparation for potential buyers.


There are some external factors that cannot be influenced by us, such as neighborhood, location or age.


But, there are some actions concerning the condition of the property, that you can take to increase its value.

When we’ll bring qualified buyers to private visit of your property or to the open house event, they have to see as much as possible of the property’s potential and we have to make sure they’ll do.

Imagine what’s your first impression when you enter in this room. Before and After...

Would that affect your perception of that property’s value?

It probably would, don’t

you think?

The same perception may occur when a potential buyer enters into your home if you’re not prepared for the visit.

That’s why is very important to get the property ready for visits. Bright and tidy houses sell better.

That’s a fact!

To increase the attractiveness of the property, some cosmetic changes and design tricks are also required.

Small ones with big visual impact, the big ones live them to the buyers, so they may personalize their new home as they wish.

You have to live room for the buyers to visualize themselves in your home.

People don’t like to jump in other people’s life just like that. Removing the personal clutter, including private object, gives more space to the potential buyer.

This is 100% your decision, but we can show you some tricks to leverage your property aspect according to Pareto principle: 20% of your actions will return 80% of results.

2. Setting the Asking Price

If not the most important aspect when someone wants to sell his or her property, definitely one of the most important ones, is the asking price.


This most crucial factor is determining what the final price will be and how long will take to sell that property. Your property…

Most of the sellers make a fundamental mistake when they set the asking price in a subjective way, without considering the potential buyer point of view. 

But the buyer has the money…

The asking price isn't always the market price, although that is the price on which the property was marketed. Strange, isn't it?

All the properties that have ever been sold on any real estate market, were sold at the Market Price, which reflects the Value of that property.


And the asking price doesn't always reflect the value of that property at that particular moment in time, because it is subjective and the reasons for that are easy to understand.


But understanding that reasons, won't sell the house.

Looking from the buyer point of view might help though...

The asking price has to be as close as possible to the market value of the property, usually a bit above it, so the property gets real chances to find the right qualified buyer.


The more the asking price reflects the Value of your property, the greater chances you have to sell that property on a Perfect Deal, which is selling at the Best Price in Shortest Time with No Stress.

The seller’s asking price and the buyer’s budget will meet only in one point, which represents the Market Price.


When they get in that point, the deal is closed, the When they get in that point, the deal is closed, the When they get in that point, the deal is closed, the Value is established and the property gets SOLD. is established and the property gets SOLD.

What is the value of a property and how is it determined?

Before get to that, let's see very quick a hypothetical situation in which you would like to buy a new car right now.

You decided about the producer and model of the car, set the budget of 10.000 euros and start looking to buy it from your local dealers.


You find the car you want at two different local dealers at the same market price.


... one of the cars has navigation system and the other one hasn't. Which of those two cars has more value?

The one with navigation  system.



… what if the dealer with the car with no navigation system, offers you a 20% discount, which car has more value?

Can be 2.000 euros discount an appealing offer and add more value to the no navy car?


It definitely can.

This is how your potential qualified buyer sees things.

We all are buyers, we all are buying stuff every day.

You are a buyer yourself…


The buyer, which is also subjective and the reasons for that are easy to understand too.

But when both partners, you and the buyer, find the Market Price for your property, the Value of the property is set and the Perfect Deal is closed.

We’ll explain how to set out the correct asking price and if you do that, we’ll give you the 90 Days Sale Guarantee

Well, if we can help you set the right Market Price, but we can't help you sell your house in 90 days, we'll give you 50% DISCOUNT on our fee.

Read more about how to find the right realtor who can help you sell.

We'll also explain what taxes must be paid and what paperwork must be filled.

>> Find Your Property VALUE

The decision regarding the asking price is 100% yours, but we can help you determine the market price, so you’ll sell at the Best Price in Shortest Time with No Stress.

3. Finding the buyer

How can you find potential buyers?

The best way to find any potential buyer is to make your property visible to the qualified buyers.

How can you cast visibility on your property?


Through marketing...

Old school offline marketing and online marketing, including New Digital Marketing on social media and search engines. Beside posting your listing on real estate portals on internet, which almost any agent does, we’re going to do some more.

  • We'll identify your potential buyer, build a custom audience of similar people based on that profile and send them your message through social media targeted paid ads.
  • We’ll attract organic traffic from searching engines in order to increase visibility of your property.
  • We’ll host Open House event and private visits with qualified buyers.
  • We’ll cast visibility on your property and we’ll show it to the most compatible buyers on the market.
  • We'll make a special video like the one below for your property o be seen by the people most likely to buy it.
  • We'll share it to with world and we'll promoted it on social media through object driven campaigns on social media (Facebook & Instagram).

If you register your property, we'll contact you and we'll give you the reward money.

Yes, it's possible to cash in the reward on your own property!

>> Register Your Property

The time and price on which your property will be sold depends 

on the marketing strategies and techniques used. We can help you 100% to cast visibility on your property, but the decision is 100% yours.

4. BONUS - Determining the Ultimate Element

But what is the ultimate element that makes the difference and guarantees that your property gets SOLD at the Best Price, in the Shortest Time with No Stress?

There is one important, most definitory factor that will allow you to sell your house or apartment and you should know about it.


There is one thing that influence all other aspects concerning the selling of your property in a way that guarantees your success.


What is that ultimate element?


Before find out what is the number one element, a short story might be relevant…

A few years ago, I wasn’t living in Marbella. No, I was living together my family somewhere else, but we decided to move.


It’s a long story, but basically, we’ve set out the departure date and the clock was ticking away on that sell.

Imagine how it is to pack everything you need, put all of it in a limited space and finish all the ongoing contracts in just three months. Having two little kids jumping around and limited time.

We already rented and paid in advance for 10 months plus 2 months deposit and the children were enrolled in school, so there was the point of no return.

We needed more of the most important resource, time!

But time waits for nobody…

We were supposed to sell the apartment also, but in all that insanity, we kind of neglect that.

So, we had no choice, but to hire another agent to manage it. 

Which we did.

We had the home ready for potential buyers’ private visits, we organized an Open House event, we overcome our subjectivity (yes, real estate experts are subjective too sometimes), accepted the reality of the market and drop down the price.

We had the home ready for potential buyers’ private visits, we organized an Open House event, we overcome our subjectivity (yes, real estate experts are subjective too sometimes), accepted the reality of the market and drop down the price.

That was actually the moment when things got really busy. After three visits, we found the buyer (or she found us), negotiated a bit and sold the apartment.

We still wonder sometimes why didn’t we agree to the right price from the beginning, why did we waste all that time? Why did we stress ourselves for nothing? And the most important, what was that something that made the sell possible?

It was our determination to follow our dreams and start a new life away from what we’ve been calling home for a long time.

When things got really intense under the pressure of time, we realized that the only thing that can make the difference was our motivation, the reason for which we want to sell, in our case a relocation in a different city from other country.

So, the strength of your dreams is the key for the success of selling your property.

This is the ultimate element that links all other factors together: your motivation.

If the next move in your life has enough power to motivate you to do all the rational things needed in order to satisfy your wishes and fulfill your dreams, then you’ll get, hopefully with our help, the Perfect Deal.

Remember, this is your story, we are here to help you.

Because without you, there’s no us…

Don’t hesitate to use our expertise.

We’re here to…

… listen

… explain

… find buyers

… and deliver…

...the Perfect Deal for you,
Best Price
Shortest Time
No Stress!

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