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* All the necessary costs will be supported exclusively by us. The success fee will be paid only when the transaction has been completed. For properties valued according to the market price over 1M euros, the above representation fees are negotiable to some extent.

** We’ll explain how to set out the correct asking price and if you do that, we’ll give you the 

90 Days Sale GuaranteeWell, if we can help you set the right Market Price, but we can't help you sell your house in 90 days, we'll give you 50% DISCOUNT on our fee.

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→ Professional assessment of the desired requirements of the property and the surroundings  area→ Obtain the legal paperwork needed by the buyer
→ Digital marketing on social media ads for targeted custom audience compatible with your request→ Legal assistance by a lawyer during the signing of the buying contract
→ SEO on Google for visibility of your request by organic traffic→ Obtain the Spanish residency
→ Door to door knocking to find your dream property in the right neighborhood
→ Establish a Spanish company
→ Showing all compatible properties in digital format, from which 3 to 5 private visits at the properties
→ Construction services
→ Sharing your request with over 1500 real estate agents from more than 350 agencies on Costa del Sol
→ Short term rental services
→ Open House event attendance, if available
→ Specialized real estate consultancy until the close of the Perfect Deal

→ New House custom gift when you buy the property

* The services from the EXTRA PACK options are subjected to individual offers and can be obtained individual or integral upon request.

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