The Marketing Guide

(the 3 Secrets to get more customers)

Do you feel like, whatever you do and no matter how hard you work, there are not enough clients to get your business rolling?

Are you an established business or just starting it?

Do you have quality services or products, but don’t know why your business is not like this?

The answer is simple!

People don’t know that you exist.

And by people, we mean your typology of clients.

The kind of clients that eat in your restaurant…

… or companies you make business with.

There are 3 Secretes to get more

    and more…

         … clients.

1. Know who your ideal customers are!

First of all you need to know who are the people who are going to buy your products or services.

It can’t be everybody! But it can be someone…

Let’s say you run a luxury restaurant in Puerto Banus.

Obviously, you can’t expect teenagers from Mijas to be your customers.


But if you own a terrace on Paseo Marítimo, you’ll expect to engage people of all ages.

If you operate a cleaning business in Marbella, it’s unlikely to do cleaning services in Madrid.

On the other hand, if your business is located in Estepona, there are huge chances to operate in Marbella. Or Malaga, what so ever.

But it’s not only about location, gender, age and financial status.

There are more psychological aspects concerning the behavior of your ideal customers and the way they interact with your business.


Your customers are people like you and me.


With feelings, emotions, beliefs and desires.

You worked with them and know them by now. But they aren’t enough to challenge your capacity. You can do more.


Or if you’re just establishing your business, you don’t have any clients, but you know how.


You know best to whom your business is for, but we can help you reach them better.

You worked with them and know them by now. But they aren’t enough to challenge your capacity. You can do more.


Or if you’re just establishing your business, you don’t have any clients, but you know how.


You know best to whom your business is for, but we can help you reach them better.

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2. Let them know you exist

Now that you find the customers is time to tell them your story and sell your products or services.

For that, you need to do 3 things.

First, make them aware of your business. Show them who you are and what you’re doing!

Your Ideal Customers must receive your message in a way that resonates with their vision. The best way to do that is to look to your business through their eyes. 

Show them what you would like to see, as a customer.

Build your brand. Promote it, show it to as many compatible customers as you can.


Design, update and improve your logo.


Write your business concept and share it with the people. 

Our days, people have the best engagement with video materials, but pictures and text copy still work.

The best place to promote yourself is on social media, especially on Facebook, where you’ll need a page (your first digital asset). If you already have one, it might need to be improved and updated.


Promote your brand on social media using the quality media you create on custom targeted audiences across social media.

Second, make them consider your products or services.

This type of marketing campaigns exceeds the awareness phase.


Now you’re in the point where you want them to respond back to your brand, you want potential customer to engage.


It’s time to get more likes, more comments and more messages from leads.

To perform on this phase, you’ll need a business site (your second digital asset) linked to your Facebook page.

And third, convince them buy from you. To do that, you have to offer them something…

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3.  Offer them something FREE!


Why are you here, right now?


Because you wanted to know where your business is today and where it’s going to.


You’re here because you wanted your FREE Branding Advertising TODAY!

And because you wanted to know the 3 secrets.

You’ve just experienced what your potential customers might.


This is the best way to engage your potential customers.

Offer them something valuable…

… for FREE!


But don’t just offer them something.


Give them something that adds value to their life. 

Give them something that helps them, either is valued information, samples or any other sort of promotions and products.

Easy, isn’t it?

If you have any difficulties implementing the customer generation secrets, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We can help you find more people that match your Ideal Customer.

We’ll help you create your marketing concept and produce the multimedia materials that will send your message to the people and help you grow your brand and get you more and more customers.

We’ll help you promote your brand and send your message to potential customers.

But the quality of your services or products is only your responsibility.

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