Frequently Asked Questions 

02/01/20 11:43 AM By Valeriu

Frequently asked questions

>> Do I have to pay anything in advance?

There are absolutely no obligations from your part. Regardless of the option you choose, no payment will be made until the contract signing at notary.

All marketing costs, including paid ads and digital marketing, tapas and drinks for Open house Events, etc. will be supported exclusively by us.

If you choose the FREE option, there is no exclusive listing contract involved, we only need your promise that, when we have a compatible buyer and your property is still for sale at the time, you agree to pay us 5%, only when the Perfect Deal is closed.

>> How can you help me sell my property?

We think that any property has its price.

After we listen to all your wishes, we'll help you with the most important thing regarding the success of selling your property.

The asking price, the price on which the property is being marketed.

Choosing the right Market Price, which reflects the Value of the property on the market at a given time, is the one element that affects the most the success or the fail of a real estate sell process.

For that reason, when you'll see by yourself the right Market Price, we'll offer you the 90 DAYS Sale Guarantee.

>> Can you help me with all the paperwork that has to be filled?

Regardless if you want to sell your property or looking to buy one in Marbella, Spain, there are paperwork to be filled and taxes to be paid.

We'll help you all the way, offering assistance and advice, connecting you with legal and financial advisors if needed.

But, if you didn't find the answer to your question or any doubts that you might have, ​don't hesitate to ask us anything about real estate.