Did you know that...

02/03/20 03:14 PM By Valeriu

​​Did you know that...

... you can find your dream home or the perfect investment?​
​​How ?

By using the expertise of a real estate expert, who can help you decide which is the right property, located in the right neighborhood for you and then, go find it for with all available instruments. On the field, by knocking on every door from every compatible property and online by doing digital marketing on targeted custom audiences. Only about 7% of the properties that might be for sale are marketed on real estate portals. The rest of them...

... you ​can sell your house on a higher price than the asking price?
​How ?

By making your property visible to the targeted demographics (the profiles closest to your potential buyer). ​When that happens, there might be multiple responses, which might lead to multiple offers and, even to an auction. The real estate expert will manage all the offers, will keep you informed and will handle the negotiations.

... the first 3 weeks of the property's listing on the market are essential to have real chances to sell your home at the right price? ​Why ?

If the price is a fantasy price, the property will be on the market for a very long time and the chances of selling the property go slowly to zero because the buyers do not like the houses that are in the market too long. They think there is a problem with the house, although the price is reduced after a while which leads to another trust issue from the buyer who might wonder what is wrong with the house if the price was dropped.