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Are you the Seller that thinks that the real estate agent is getting paid for nothing?

01/11/20 11:07 AM By Valeriu

You might be right...



In most cases, you’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, there are loads of agents that confirm your belief.

I, for one, had the bad luck of meeting such an agent once. It happened back in the days when I was trying to buy my first apartment.

He was the kind of guy who never gets enough of himself and who's never tired of praise about his doubted acts of bravery. He's that guy that never stops talking. And he knows everything about anything… You know that kind?

It's not even important what type he or she is because there are other kinds that, although might look and act different, are typically the same regarding the results they get.

They might be the programed type, those that keep on showing and saying the same things automatically, without thinking, never adjust themselves to every client's specific needs and/or desires.


Good people as suppose to the egocentric type, but with the same results. Doing the same tasks like pre-programed robots, never questioning the logic or analyzing the costs of their marketing actions, costs that the egocentric type is desperately trying to avoid.


Another bad thing is that those agents might not get paid at all, but they might delay the sale of a property by six months or even one year, during which time the market could have been changed, and the value of the property would have suffered. Damage done!


The above realities lead to a situation that allows ourselves to say that [some] real estate agents are paid or trying to get paid for nothing.


Finding the right real estate expert is like finding the right mechanic for your car when you move in a new city. You, or I or anybody might have problems with our cars and we all want to solve them.


To do that, you have to interview some mechanics (recommended by friends or found on internet) to see which one is the most trustful to handle your car.

You'll evaluate that mechanic based on your set of values and biases with only one purpose: to find which one will you trust the most.


It's the same is with real estate agents.

The good thing is that there is a way to find which agents are trustful and which ones are not.

How can you do that?

Very easy. 

Talk to them.

First contact should be by phone when they call.


Because when a seller put his property on the internet, there will be multiple calls from real estate agents, trying to get your business in the short period of three weeks when the property is the most visible on the market, before it gets further and further on the end of searching.


When you’ll have the first conversation, you'll know to some extent if that person that called you resonates with you and your beliefs.


Second thing to be done is to agree with a meeting at your property with those agents that made sense to you on the phone, in order to get the personal contact and to see if that agent is the one you need. If you decide that you need one.


For example, any agent that says he or she has a buyer for your property is dishonest. No realtor can have a client for a property he or she never saw! That might be a sign that you're dealing with a bad agent.


An expert will tell you the truth: "I cannot promote a property unless I see it before", because the real estate expert knows it’s possible that the pictures might not reflect entirely the reality, there might be other problems, maybe some missing paperwork, etc.


All those problems have to be acknowledged by the real estate expert, because he'll find the solution for all of the problems that can be fixed and for those problems that have no solution, he'll recommend the seller to be honest about them with any potential buyer.


The last, but not the least important aspect that you must consider is the competence of the agent.


Does he or she have the capacity to genuinely help you? How can you know that?


Easy. Ask!

Ask anything you want to know about Real Estate. Any doubt that you might have, as strange as it might appear to you, don't hesitate and ask.

A real estate expert will know the answers to your questions and for those who doesn't, he'll research and find the answer.


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The main resources of a real estate agent are marketing instruments that make the difference at the end of the day. Is that agent posting your add on "more than 100 international portals"?

[which no one search on - If you want to buy a property in London, would you search for it on idealista.com or on gumtree.com?]

Or is he or she using the 2020 digital marketing technology to make your message visible to targeted custom audience? Does he know that you can’t successfully promote a property located in a young family community to a retiring couple?


So, only you can decide which agent, if any, should be trusted to do such an important task to help and guide you through such an important event of your life.


All you have to do is to take the time to interview as many real estate agents as you can, hoping that you'll find the right one.


And if you don't find him or her, you have been improved knowledge on the real estate market to a level that might help you sell your property by yourself.


So, you only have to do 3 easy things:

Meet. Talk. Ask.



It's all about who you trust...

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