Are you the buyer that cannot find​ the dream house and don't know why?

01/18/20 02:02 PM By Valeriu

That is happening for a reason...
Location, Location, Location!!

In most cases, people are focusing too much on the house they want to buy and missing other important aspects.

First of all, when you want to buy a property, you have to consider the neighborhood of the dream house. Imagine you buy a property that you like, with the desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms, closed to amenities.

The dream house, we might say.

This dream house is located in a young asian family community, with colleges in the proximity and loads of noisy children. Which wouldn't be a problem unless you are a swedish retiring couple that hate chinese food. 

And that might be a mistake, don't you think?

Knowing the surroundings of your desired home and the people who live there is the same importance as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms is. Because, no matter where you live, when you get out of the house and walk into community, you'll like to find people of your age and financial level, preferably of the same nationality and sharing the same interests.

It's not just about the number of bedrooms and garage or storage space, it's also about to whom you interact in the community and how you do it. Who you meet at the grocery store, who's staying at the next table in your proximity restaurant? It's more likely to have better interactions with people of your age that share the same interests, don't you think?

So, it's recommended to extend your dream property criteria to the surrounding area, because the satisfaction of getting the right number of bedrooms or the most wanted sea view it's exponentially higher if the dream home is located in the right place, surrounded by the right neighbors.

Why is important to know if the neighbors are compatible with our life style?

Because sometimes, when you realise that you're among the wrong people,  it might be to late, although in some fortunate cases it might be just a waste of time. And when you have to fly in for nothing, that becomes annoying.

Isn't it better to set the initial desires on the house you want to buy, but the neighborhood must be clearly defined from the beginning also. You can google on every condition that you want the ideal neighborhood to have or you can fill the initial form and will do it for you. For free.

Either ways, identifying the right neighborhood is important.

The more you tell us about your perfect home, the more we can target the custom audience to increase the visibility of your desired house to the compatible sellers.

And we'll do that using all the digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) instruments available from Facebook and Google. We use integrated software that allow us to identify and send your message to the people that have properties for sale, although some of them don't know that they're going to sell. Yet.

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