0% Commision for BUYERS

01/18/20 03:07 PM By Valeriu

Use our FREE Expertise‚Äč

Are you thinking to buy a property in Marbella, Spain?

Are you an investor or planning to live your dream life on Costa del Sol?

Anyway, we offer you our help and our expertise completely FREE.

At this point you might ask yourself why are we giving away free expertise for buyers when everybody else is charging the seller AND the buyer.

Because we think that, when the Perfect Deal is closed, the only one giving away money is the buyer. He or she is the person that actually has the money. The buyer is the only one that is bringing money to the notary when the deal is closed, money that will pay for everything (taxes, fees and other legal duties).

The seller is not going to bring own money on the transaction. The seller is going to pay the taxes and fees from the money received from the buyer. Since the seller is paying a commision already and that payment is done from the funds received from the buyer, there is the question why the buyer should pay the commision twice?

Yes, the qualified seller knows, understands and agrees to pay the exclusive representation fee, so there is no need to be payed again by the buyer. Does that make sense?

Also, when the deal is done through the sharing system and the seller is represented by another real estate agent, that seller's agent will cover the buyer's agent expenses.

But, if we won't charge any commission from the buyer, doesn't mean that we won't represent your best interests.

All you have to do is fill the initial form to see what house would you prefer and what community should it be located in.

And if you have any questions or any doubts, don't hesitate and contact us.