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You can choose to opt out at any time by accessing https://www.yomarbella.c...

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Hard times require united people.


Together, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

It’s time to help and support each other.

That’s why we decided to share the money with you.


What’s the catch? – you might ask.




03/08/20 08:03 AM - Comment(s)

... you can find your dream home or the perfect investment?​
​​How ?

By using the expertise of a real estate expert, who can help you decide which is the right property, located in the right neighborhood for you and then, go find it for with all available i...

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>> Do I have to pay anything in advance?

There are absolutely no obligations from your part. Regardless of the option you choose, no payment will be made until the contract signing at notary. All marketing costs, including paid ads and digital marketing, tapas and drinks for Open house Events, ...

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There is one big issue which is responsible for a property not to be sold in a reasonable time (up to 6 months). And that big issue is the asking price.

If the price is far away from the right Market Price, which unfortunately happens very often, the property will be on the market for a very lon...

01/27/20 12:25 PM - Comment(s)

When you're buying a property, you have to pay taxes and fees and fill all the legal paperwork.

What are those, to whom are they paid , how much and how much must be paid?

This are the information that we like to ...

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When your desires were heard and all the aspects were clarified, it’s time for us to execute our thing in order to fulfil our promise to you.


The promise that we’ll make your desire come tru...

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When you're selling your property, you have to pay taxes and fees and fill  all the legal paperwork.

What are those, to whom are they paid, what amount and how are they calculated?

This are the...

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Are you thinking to buy a property in Marbella, Spain?

Are you an investor or planning to live your dream life on Costa del Sol?

Anyway, we offer you our help and our expertise completely FREE.

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Because this is your story,
we're here to help you.
Our mission is you and your story.
Your story, not ours.
Our mission is your satisfaction.
Because without you,
there is no us...
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In most cases, people are focusing too much on the house they want to buy and missing other important aspects.

First of all, when you want to buy a property, you have to consider the neighborhood of the dream house. Imagine you buy a property that you like, with the desired n...

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